Characters in South Park

All characters in South Park!

Name Voiced by
Stan Marsh Stan Marsh Trey Parker  
Kyle Broflovski Kyle Broflovski Matt Stone  
Kenny McCormick Kenny McCormick Matt Stone  
Eric Cartman Eric Cartman Trey Parker  
Leopold (Butters) Stotch Leopold (Butters) Stotch  
Tweek Tweak Tweek Tweak  
Mr. Garrison Mr. Garrison Trey Parker  
Chef Chef Isaac Hayes 
Mr. Mackey Mr. Mackey  
Timmy Timmy  
Ike Broflovski  
Jimbo Kern Matt Stone  
Ned Gerblansky  
Officer Barbrady Officer Barbrady  
Token Black Token Black  
Craig Craig  
Shelley Marsh  
Wendy Testaburger Wendy Testaburger  
Principal Victoria  
Mr. Hankey  
Big Gay Al Big Gay Al  
Terrance and Phillip  
Mr. Slave  
Crab People  
Randy Marsh  
Phillip (Pip) Pirrup Phillip (Pip) Pirrup  
Sheila Broflovksi Sheila Broflovksi  
Liane Cartman Liane Cartman  

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